Is a point and click Visual Search interface that creates screens representing cities and where people can put up displays (that they use to network from or sell things that they make or do).

It's a public filing pool where people can place files, containing a representative display, on a screen that represents the city they live in and where they can be found by other people, visiting the screen, by the words they use to describe themselves or their business in their display window or by the place where they position themselves on the screen.

People can also put a display on a map. The map can be opened from the navigation console on the screen and explored by visitors, there are filters which show and hide different types of display.




Icontactworld is a point and click Visual Search interface:
That people can use to network from.
That is a marketplace for goods and services.
Which can be used as a medium to broadcast or blog, a cause or culture.

It is a Startup implementing groundbreaking innovations:

A new way of displaying user posts, pictures, video, links etc. that uses an icon, positioned on the screen, to open and close a display window from which more windows can be opened.

There are ways for users to self-categorise their displays for search purposes by:
Choosing which city or topical screen they place themselves on,
Where or in which district of the screen they position their icon,
The keywords they use in the Window that opens from their icon.

Geo location is used to take visitors to a screen representing the city they are in and to locate user notices, if they wish to place them, on a map of the city.

There is a control panel that users log into: to add to or edit the content of their display, control who can see it, send messages to other people on the screen and much more.

A navigation console, that functions like a menu bar and is used as the logo for the website, floats over the screen. It contains links to a geographic network of cities and a topical network as well as links to local news, events and debating screens. It also contains an instrument that shows the location of the pointer on the screen. This is used to send messages to people on the screen by addressing their icon and to outcast inappropriate content sources by specifying their onscreen origin.



Icontactworld uses Screen based Displays and Visual Search to make a great new Platform for doing things on the Internet.

A place to find out what people you know are doing, a marketplace for local services, plumbers etc. and things for sale, and a place where you can voice your opinion or broadcast your cultural interests, music etc..

When you setup you get an icon thats like an Avatar which you can customise and place anywhere on the screen.

The icon opens a window where you can post videos, pictures, updates, links and so on. Next to the window is a button that opens a door to more of your content or you can have the door closed except to friends who you have named or given a password to.

When you first link to icontactworld.com it uses geo location to take you to a screen representing the city you are in. You can see the name of your city under the Sat-Nav.

Early arrivals on a City screen will find it eerily empty but it can grow from a few huts, to a small village, to a town, to a market town, to a city on a screen that gets bigger and bigger!

Visual Search starts to happen when there are enough people engaged in similar types of activity, clustering together to form Districts. A Marketplace for locally supplied goods and services for instance.